Who is Alien Bullets and why buy from us?

Alien Bullets is a family owned and operated bullet manufacturer located in North Texas. We started with the primary focus of providing quality bullets for the everyday reloader and competition shooter. Whatever your interest is, we have high quality bullets for the reloader. We are here to supply high quality bullets to the beginner to the top end shooters.

Quality Bullets

We spend time and care looking through all of our bullets to ensure every customer gets what they paid for; quality Alien Bullets.  We hand pick through every batch that we produce, a minimum of three times, and pick out those that do not meet our standards.

Shipping or Local Pickup

We will not profit from any shipping costs! We offer shipping via USPS using their flat rate packages - $8 for small flat rate and $15 for medium flat rate packages. We also offer free shipping on any order over 1,000 bullets.

We provide delivery to local ranges - Frisco Gun Club, Mr. Guns and Mission160.

We can also deliver bullets to sanctioned matches in the Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma areas.

What about our equipment?

We use the latest models of Magma Engineering's equipment, currently Mark 8 caster along with Magma molds.

What about our bullets?

We offer state of the art Hi-Tek coating and commercial grade lead alloy, 92-6-2, which produces a Brinell Hardness (BHN) of 16 to 17.

What is the Hi-Tek coating and how is it applied?
The coating itself consists of a catalyst which binds a polymeric colorant agent with acetone which is then applied in bulk to raw bullets and baked onto the bullets' surface at nearly 400 degrees. The coating is a polymer (bonded with metal) and forms an extremely tough new surface for the bullet. The application of the coating is repeated for an additional two coats. The bullets are then sized.

What are the advantages of Hi-Tek coated bullets?
Many indoor ranges prohibit the use of lead bullets but allow the use of coated bullets due to the fact that no lead is exposed to the environment. Leading of the bore is dramatically reduced, as is lube smoke. Higher velocities can be attained with coated bullets. Health benefits for the reloader, as there is no touching of bare lead.

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